[25.08.2016] How To Help Italy Earthquake Victims:
5 Ways To Donate Blood, Money And Goods For Relief & Rescue

Our prayers are with the families and victims of the Italy earthquake.

If you’d like to help, here are multiple avenues to contribute to Italy's rescue efforts, including giving money, blood, and goods.
Donate Blood at the San Camillo de Lellis General Hospital in Rieti
Donate Money to the local newspaper La Stampa's emergency fund. Go to www.specchiodeitempi.org and specify that you want your gift to go to "Fund 597 Earthquake in Central Italy," or "Fondo 597 Terremoto Centro Italia."
Donate Supplies such as nonperishable foods, water, clothing, medicine, batteries, bedding at the schools and stores in Rieti listed here by Il Messaggero. They "need chain saws, shears to cut iron bars and jacks" to rescue trapped victims.
Donate to a Charity. Donate to the Italian Red Cross which has deployed rescue dogs and ambulances to affected areas and ShelterBox, a disaster relief charity (that distributes literal boxes that include items like tents, tools, blankets, water purification systems) is heading to Italy.
Support on Social Media. Pray for Italy (hashtag #PrayForItaly).

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